Thursday, March 18, 2010

My speech at the Music launch of film RETTAI SUZHI

At the Music launch of film RETTAI SUZHI on March 15, 2010.

Translation of a portion of my speech including my references to Ms. Aishwarya Rai Bachan. I had given her a copy of the transcript ahead so that she can follow what I spoke at the function. Ms. Rai was the Chief Guest at the Function.

Will just saying Santham! Santham! SANTHAM bring Santham to us?

All of you are aware that when an nice looking girl is present in a gathering I would compliment her by saying that she looks like Aishwarya Rai, Now that Aishwarya is here in person…..

In my minds eye I picture women as a poem, but when poetry seats itself on this stage, I am at loss for words!

I am not Vairamuthu sir. He boldly sits next to the Rising Sun one day and is pleasantly seated next to a gentle moon today!

Even Mother Earth can withstand a tremor of 6.5 on the Richter scale. If the same tremor measures 8.5 on the scale then we all know we can expect a tsunami. But if the tsunami herself is on the centre stage here, I am unsure what tremor would now rock this stage…

That’s why I chanted Santham, at the beginning of my speech.

The sweet, Mysore Pak melts in the mouth, but is it fair that we have a situation when that sweet melts the tongue itself.

When a woman melts our eyes we say she is beautiful, when she charms our heart we say she of Great Beauty, however when she enthralls our soul we call her a Beauty of World Renown!

The Kamba Ramayanam states that Ravana was at fault for being mesmerized by the beauty of Sita, but Mani Sir’s RAVAN will not be at fault if he falls for Aishwarya’s beauty. On the contrary his Ravan will be faulted if he does not.

All women are generally good looking between 13 ½ - 30 ½ years of age, its no big deal. But when she combines intelligence along with her beauty she remains attractive till 50. To remain attractive beyond 50 years, she must have “love for humanity”. Then she will remain ever spectacular, like Mother Teresa who was beautified as a Saint.

Many long to become a medical doctor, but I understand from common friends that Aishwariya longs to serve humanity as a nurse. Then we will have a different kind of problem, with the patient not willing to be cured! Aishwariya will definitely remain beautiful forever because of her love and service to humanity.

Generally people say that, they came and attended a function but I say, Aishwariya came and conquered so many hearts.

This may be a much repeated phrase that Aishwariya is beautiful, to a point that it must have become stale to her. Have we not used repeated stuff to make new cinema? Do we not add some onions to stale batter and make uttappam the next day. Likewise no one is going to let go of praising her.
One aspect, which holds my respect for her, is her liking of our culture. Since her husband likes football she has learnt the game, to watch it with him, not to kick him around!

Amitab sir is also caught in her affectionate web. Even recently he became his old action hero self, when someone posted incorrect information about her on the blog.

On this stage Variramuthu sir will take delivery of the mesmerizing music. I kind off anticipated this situation, when they announced that women will be given 33% representation in everything, that something as unusual as this will happen one day and men will embark on delivering also. Jokes apart, my anticipation is not just 33% but an equal 50%.

உங்கள் ரா. பார்த்திபன்

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